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Creating the bridge between strategy and value

Welcome to Klarendon, where growth isn't just a goal—it's our passion. As a dynamic consultancy firm, we specialize in helping businesses achieve their full potential. 

We are seasoned executive leaders who have operated and led businesses in a Fortune 500 company,

Our competitive edge is our ability to translate strategy into real world operational plans, then supporting our clients to implement. 

We are versed in B2B, B2C, and B2B2C business models and experts in crafting bespoke strategies and driving operational excellence to ignite business growth. 

At Klarendon, we tailor our approach to fit your unique needs, ensuring every step we take together leads to transformative results. 

Corporate and Business growth strategies. 

Go to market strategy and sales excellence.

Product portfolio & brand marketing.

Team effectiveness and


Business health-check and diagnostics*

*Our proprietary diagnostics tool (KX-Ray) helps to gap assess strategy, people, and business performance across the value chain.

Klarendon's X-RAY model

The KX-Ray tool is a transformative approach that addresses business challenges comprehensively. At its core, it guides the businesses to ask a calibrated set of questions around key areas of business strategy, performance, and culture.

KX-Ray can be applied comprehensively across the value chain or target select parts of the business. We have developed KX-Rays for…​
  • Marketing strategy and plans.

  • Go to market and distribution.

  • Sales capabilities and excellence.

  • Team effectiveness and culture. 

Value maximisation programmes

Go to market & sales excellence

Performance management

Team culture and effectiveness

Brand positioning, product portfolio and marketing

Market participation strategy


We continue to extend tool functionality and commercial benefits with tool enhancements across the value chain. 

KX-Ray equips businesses with the areas of inquiry and tool kits needed to create targeted interventions on key areas that make a real difference to topline, bottom line and organizational culture.

The model introduces value maximization programs, emphasizing sustainable value creation. 

In essence, the KX-Ray tool is a strategic compass, seamlessly integrating brand, marketing, sales, performance, go to market, value maximization, and team dynamics. It's the roadmap for businesses not just to weather storms but to thrive in an ever-evolving market landscape.

Our Approach

Build hypothesis then Customer / market validation
Leadership Engagement

Aligns leadership with objectives and ensures organizational commitment.

Crafting tailored strategies and action plans for improvement, co-created with client leadership.

Toolkit development

Refines strategies into practical tools for seamless integration into business operations.


Hypothesis-driven approach to drive strategic decision making and market success.

Discovery & diagnostics & insight development

Analyzes current challenges and opportunities for strategic insights – KX-Ray applied across or select parts of the business.

Operational Support

Provides ongoing assistance for implementation and optimization, ensuring continuous support and business evolution under Klarendon's guidance.

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